This is where you can find the pages of the current active administrators on this wikia. Users who have the admin userbox (shown below) are also Admins.

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List of Admins


Admin Requirements

For those of the users that are striving to be a help to the community and to become an admin, there are some requirements that the current admins are looking for. There are some other points that will be considered if we are looking for a new administrator, but the following five points are the most prominent ones.


  • Are you active? - An admin must be on the wiki at least once a week, and most of the current admins check in once a day. If you need to take a break that's fine; but an admin doesn't check once a month, without prior notice.
  • Are you part of the community? - Admins are a strong part of our community. They resolve issues and are prominent members of wiki life. Admins must be active in the community, such as commenting on blog posts and putting in your opinion in forum posts.
  • Do you contribute to the wiki? - Commenting and being an active user on the wiki is all good. Our admin team each has a specialty that they're amazing at, and they put in lots of work.
  • Does the community trust you? - Like one of the questions above, an admin must get along with the community. Working together at the X1 Wiki is an important skill here. Admins must not get in fights, and even if they aren't friends with everyone, they respect other users.
  • Have you gone the extra mile? - Helping out with mass-wiki projects is all good and dandy, but do you go the extra step? Looking to see if other users need help completing their bit, or if there's any other things you can do to help out is always a good way to start.
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