Wiki Rules

This is a page about general rules on the wiki - it is recommended that you read this page if you are a new user. If you have any questions about these rules, or if you would like to request a new rule, please contact an admin. The following link will take you to the Wikia Admins Page: Click here.

The most important thing here at this wiki would be our community, so read these rules thoroughly and make sure to have fun!

  • Use basic internet manners. Don't cuss at anyone; talk to them like you would in the real world. If you've got something mean to say, then don't say it at all. Stay calm. Always mind your language and treat other users with the respect that they deserve.
  • No vandalism.  Don't ruin a beautiful page. Keep it clean. If you see any vandalism, please contact an admin immediately.
  • No plagiarism.  Please refrain from stealing other people`s work by taking it down and putting it back up, claiming it as if it was yours.'
  • Age appropriate content! - X1 is loved and liked by people of all ages; and so is this wiki. Please don't use cuss words, inappropriate pictures, or racism here at this wiki.
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